Pressure Tack Welders

Application Form (AB-247)                                                            Reference Syllabus (AB-250)

IB17-021 – Interpetation: Permanent Tack Welds  

IB13-013 Rev 2 – Interpetation: Temporary Tack Welds                        

IB15-010 - Variance

To qualify to take a Pressure Tack Welder Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must be either an Apprentice (see IB15-010) or Journeyman; boilermaker, steamfitter pipefitter, structural steel and plate fitter or welder under the Apprenticeship and Industry Training Act as stated in the AB-250 Syllabus – Pressure Tack Welder. Qualified candidates will be required to complete the AB-247 (application form) and submit it to

Application Form (AB-77)

To apply for a duplicate certificate or PQ card, complete an ABSA Declaration Form AB-77 and submit the form and fee to ABSA.

A pressure welder who has earned a Pressure Tack Welder Certificate of Competency can undertake additional Performance Qualification (PQ) tests in order to be certified for additional pressure welding qualifications under this class of certificate. These additional PQ tests may be taken at any authorized testing organization. A complete list of ABSA-authorized testing organizations is available on the QMS Certificate of Authorization Holders Directory.

Tack welding on a boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping system or fitting is considered as welding under Section 2(1) of the Pressure Welders Regulations.

IB17-021(Interpretation – Permanent Tack Welds) and IB13-013 Rev 2(Interpretation – Temporary Tack Welds) may be used to determine if a Tack Welder Certificate of Competency is required.

If a Certificate of Competency is required a candidate must pass the performance qualification test required by the Administrator and conducted by a Safety Codes Officer.

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