Grade C Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency

Application Form (AB-69)                                                            Reference Syllabus (AB-252)

Interpretation: Pressure Welders Regulation IB18-020

This is a provisional welding certificate. The person who earns this Certificate of Competency is only permitted to weld at the work site of the employer named on the certificate.
To take a Grade 'C' Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency examination, the employer must complete ABSA's Application Form AB-69 on behalf of the employee. The employer shall submit the form and examination fee to ABSA at least seven (7) days) before the performance qualification test. The performance qualification test may be carried out at an authorized testing organization’s facility or at the employer’s shop or field site.

Application Form (AB-129(b))                                                                  Reference Syllabus (AB-252)  

A certified pressure welder transferring from another Canadian jurisdiction may apply for the Grade 'C' Pressure Welder certification without testing. The certification is valid for a maximum of two years and a separate application is required for each performance qualification being transferred. To continue pressure welding in Alberta beyond two years, the welder is required to successfully challenge the Alberta Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate Examination. The performance qualification issued will be restricted to the expiry date and the scope of the original performance qualification.
The certified pressure welder is required to have one of the following :

  • Interprovincial Red Seal Journeyman Welder Certificate or Welder Trade Certificate
  • Valid Pressure Welder Certificate
  • Valid Performance Qualification

To apply for the certification, the candidate must submit a completed application form (AB-129(b)with the fee indicated, copies of the qualifications listed above and government issued photo ID.

Application Form (AB-77)

To apply for a duplicate certificate or PQ card, complete an ABSA Declaration Form AB-77 and submit the form and fee to ABSA.

Application Form (AB-69)                                                                     Reference Syllabus (AB-252)

Interpretation: Pressure Welders Regulation IB18-020

During the period the initial Grade C Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency is valid, the holder (apprentice welder) is eligible to obtain additional performance qualifications. There is no limit on the number of additional performance qualifications. Additional performance qualifications shall expire on the same date as the Grade C Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency. Additional performance qualifications may be issued under the following conditions.

1. Additional performance qualification tests may, subject to the limitations stated below, be administered by the apprentice welder’s employer, if the employer is a manufacturer that has a pressure welder testing program authorized in accordance with Section 21 of the Pressure Welders Regulation. In this case the additional performance qualification shall be documented as specified in the employers authorized welder testing program.

a. No limitations if the initial test was a Standard Test as specified in ABSA document AB-252, otherwise
b. The additional performance qualification test cannot include

i. A change in product form from plate to pipe,
ii. A change to all position, or
iii. A change to open root with no backing.

2. Additional performance qualification tests that are outside the limitations of condition 1 above may be administered by a safety codes officer. In this case, the safety codes officer will issue a performance qualification card if the candidate passes the test.

If a Grade 'C' Pressure Welder certificate of competency holder applies for renewal of their certificate, the renewal will not be granted if they are qualified to take a Grade 'B' Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency examination. For detailed information on certification criteria and renewal restrictions, see the Pressure Welders Regulation.

This is a Temporary certificate of competency that is valid up to 24 months.

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