Machine Welding Operator

Application Form (AB-70)                                                           

To take a Machine Welding Operator Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must be employed by a company that has one or more welding procedures, for automatic welding processes, approved by a safety codes officer. The candidate must complete ABSA Application Form AB-70 and submit the form and the prescribed fee to ABSA at least seven (7) days before the performance qualification test. The performance qualification test will be in accordance with a registered welding procedure for a machine welding process that is to be used for production welding by the candidate at the employer’s work site.

Application Form (AB-77)

To apply for a duplicate certificate or PQ card, complete an ABSA Declaration Form AB-77 and submit the form and fee to ABSA.

A holder of a Machine Welding Operator Certificate of Competency can undertake additional Performance Qualification (PQ) tests in order to be certified for additional pressure welding qualifications under this class of certificate. These additional PQ tests may be taken at any authorized testing organization. A complete list of ABSA-authorized testing organizations is available on the QMS Certificate of Authorization Holders Directory

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