Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency

Application Form (AB-68)                                                            Reference Syllabus (AB-61)

Examination candidates for the Grade B Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency are required to be either a:

  1. Journeyman or Red Seal Welder (candidate must complete the ABSA application form AB-68 at least 21 days before the performance qualification test) or
  2. Alberta 3rd Year Welding Apprentice (candidate must apply with their Educational Institution). Alberta 3rd Year Welding Apprentices that pass the exam will not be issued a Grade 'B' Pressure Welders Certificate of Competency or the initial performance qualification card until an Alberta Journeyman Welder Certificate of Competency is submitted to ABSA.
    Examination candidates can find detailed information on the examination procedure, ABSA office locations, cancellation policy, and failure policy in the Grade “B” Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency Examination Reference Syllabus AB-61.

Application Form (AB-129(a))

A pressure welder transferring from another Canadian jurisdiction may apply for this certification without testing provided the welder’s certification is equivalent to the Alberta Grade 'B' Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency. The welder must have all the following minimum qualifications:

  • Inter provincial Red Seal Journeyman Welder Certificate or Welder Trade Certificate
  • Valid pressure welder certificates where the test is identical to the Alberta initial test and conducted by the jurisdictional inspector
  • Valid Performance Qualification issued by the jurisdiction

To apply for the certification, the candidate must submit a completed application form (AB-129(a)) with the fee indicated, copies of the qualifications listed above and government issued photo ID.
A pressure welder from a Canadian jurisdiction who is not equivalent to the Grade 'B' Pressure Welder requirements may apply for a temporary Grade 'C' Pressure Welder Certification.

Application Form (AB-77)

To apply for a duplicate certificate or PQ card, complete an ABSA Declaration Form AB-77 and submit the form and fee to ABSA.

A pressure welder who has earned a Grade 'B' Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency can undertake additional Performance Qualification (PQ) tests, in order to be certified for additional pressure welding qualifications. These additional PQ tests may be taken at any authorized testing organization. A complete list of ABSA-authorized testing organizations is available on the QMS Certificate of Authorization Holders Directory

Grade 'B' Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency are issued by either

  1. passing an examination conducted by an ABSA Safety Codes Officer or by, OR
  2. transferring a welder’s certification from another Canadian Jurisdiction that is equivalent to the Alberta Grade B.

This certificate of competency has no expiration date and the holder is qualified to be tested by a Welder Testing Organization for additional (or renewal) performance qualifications.

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