Acts, Regulations and Codes

The following pressure equipment related legislation may be accessed and purchased on-line through Alberta King’s Printer, Government of Alberta:

Safety Codes Act

  • Power Engineers Regulation AR 85/2003
    • IB23-023, Owner’s Designation of Chief Power Engineer under the Power Engineers Regulation (AR 85/2003)
    • IB23-009 Interpretation to Sections 4(3)(B) and 4(4) of the Power Engineers Regulation
    • IB23-027 and IB23-011 Interpretation to Sections 18(7)(a); 2(2)(a); 18(1)(b)(i); Table 3, 20(1)(a); …. of the Power Engineers Regulation

You may also order the above Act and Regulations directly from the King’s Printer Bookstore at the following locations:

King’s Printer Bookstore
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10611 – 98 Avenue
Edmonton, AB  T5K 2P7
Tel: (780) 427-4952 / Fax: (780) 452-0668

Early use of editions not yet declared in force is permitted, unless specifically prohibited by the Administrator.

The following Information Bulletin serves as a reference as to the current in-force editions of the codes, standards, and bodies of rules declared in force by section 6 of the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR):

IB24-002 Codes and Standards Currently in Force in the Pressure Equipment Discipline

This flow chart (AB-508) will help a person to determine if a pressurized item is subject to the Safety Codes Act and what requirements apply.

Government Organization Act


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