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We have closed the Medicine Hat and Lethbridge offices with the Inspectors in those locations working from their home offices. For more information, click here

Date Form. No. Description
2022-10-26 IB22-021 Exemption from Annual Fees
2022-10-13 IB22-019 Code Requirements for Propane Fuel Tanks
2022-10-13 IB22-018 Allowance for and Report of Local Thin Areas (LTA's) in Cylindrical Pressure Vessel Shells and in Spherical Segments
2022-10-13 IB22-017 ASME Code Requirements Regarding the Use of SI Units in Pressure Equipment Design Registration and Shop Construction
2022-09-19 IB22-016 Requirements for Thermal Liquid Heating Systems
2022-09-19 IB22-015 Integrity Management Systems for Mechanical Refrigeration Systems Containing Ammonia
2022-09-19 IB22-014 Quality Management Systems for Pressure Piping Construction
2022-09-19 IB22-013 Quality Management Systems for Integrity Assessment Organizations
2022-08-22 IB22-011-R1 Exemption for methanol injection tanks in section 2(1)(f)(iv) of the Pressure Equipment Exemption Order (AR 56/2006)
2022-08-22 IB22-010-R1 National Board Registration of Cast Iron Sectional Boilers Constructed Outside of Canada
2022-08-22 IB22-009-R1 Acceptance of Initial Service Leak Test for Pressure Piping
2022-08-22 IB22-008-R1 Start of Construction Prior to Confirmation of Design Registration

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