General Info & FAQs

ABSA issues Certificates of Competency for the following:

  • Power engineers
  • In-service pressure equipment inspectors
  • Welding examiners
  • Grade B pressure welders
  • Grade C pressure welders
  • Pressure tack welders
  • Machine welding operators

There are three basic steps for acquiring all certificates of competency.

  1. Application and assessment
  2. Examination
  3. Certificate issuance.
  • ABSA will process a certification application and complete an assessment of qualifications for certification within 10 working days of receiving the application. In most straight forward applications, the processing time is much less and the assessment results are available immediately.
  • There are examination sittings available every month for all certification examinations. Performance qualification examinations for pressure welders, pressure tack welders and machine welding operators may be scheduled with 7 days notice. Qualified power engineer applicants may schedule an examination on-line, 5 days prior to a sitting, if there is still a seat available.
  • Power engineer training providers may schedule special sittings for their students with 15 days notice.
  • Results for certification examinations are available to candidates within two working days of the examination receipt at the Edmonton or Calgary office. Success in a final certification examination by a qualified candidate results in issuance of a certificate, effective on the date that the passing grade is assigned.

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