Special Oilwell Operators

This is a non-standardized certificate of competency issued by Alberta. It certifies the operator to operate transportable power plants, with capacity up to 1000 kW, at drilling sites. This in not a site specific certificate. The certificate is subject to the annual renewal fee.

To apply for a Special Oilwell Operator Examination, applicants must submit an AB-144 “Application for Special Oilwell Examination” form, a minimum of 5 business days prior to the requested examination date.

Available examination dates can be found on the Power Engineer Examination Schedule.

  • obtained 6 months’ experience in an installation that involves a boiler or boilers operating as part of a transportable power plant at a drilling or hydrocarbon production site
  • A Special Oilwell Operator’s Certificate of Competency examination must consist of questions relating to the subjects contained in the current reference syllabus established by the Administrator for the Special Oilwell Operator’s Certificate of Competency examination. The exam consists of one (1) examination paper with 100 multiple-choice questions, 3 hours duration.
  • To pass a Special Oilwell Operator’s Certificate of Competency examination, a candidate must obtain at least 65% of the total marks allotted for the examination.
  • Previous Certificate: none
  • Educational Prerequisites: none

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