BOA, BOB & Fireman Certification

During standardization of the power engineers certification process, the issuance of some certificates of competency was discontinued on August 31, 1998. The discontinued certificates were:

  • Building Operator B (BOB) Certificate of Competency
  • Building Operator A (BOA) Certificate of Competency
  • Fireman Certificate of Competency
  • 4th Class Certificate of Competency for Power Plants Only

Building Operator B (BOB) and Fireman examinations were combined and replaced with a new 5th Class examination. Also, Building Operator A (BOA) and 4th Class examinations were combined and replaced with a new 4th Class examination.

Background information regarding the obsolete certificates is provided by the following two articles from The Pressure News:

People holding the above mentioned obsolete certificates are given the option of either maintaining and renewing their certificates, or upgrading.

Information on renewing obsolete certificates is found in the renewals and reinstatement page.

People holding obsolete certificates may upgrade their certificates to a higher level certificate by writing the appropriate upgrade examination.

The upgrade examinations consist of one (1) examination paper with 75 multiple-choice questions, 3 hours duration.

To pass an Upgrade examination, a candidate must obtain at least 65% of the total marks allotted.

Detailed information on each upgrade examination is provided in its reference syllabus, as listed below:

Upgrade Option Reference Syllabus
Upgrade from Building Operator B to 5th Class AB-62
Upgrade from Fireman to 5th Class AB-55a
Upgrade from Building Operator A to New 4th Class AB-58a
Upgrade from Old 4th to New 4th Class AB-54a

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