Foreign Qualification

ABSA has developed the following process to assist in the evaluation of work experience from outside of Canada. This is for people wishing to pursue certification as a power engineer in the province of Alberta.  An applicant will need to provide ABSA with documentation to establish that they meet or exceed the experience requirements of the Power Engineers Regulation, Alberta Regulation 85/2003.

An applicant must submit a completed ABSA Form AB-141, Application for Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications for Power Engineer Certification, with the applicable fee.  If the review is not straightforward, additional review time will be charged at the established hourly rate.  An applicant MUST provide the following documentation:

(1)  Work experience:

·       Full resume of work experience on boiler and pressure plant;

·       Post secondary technical institute certificates, diplomas or degrees;

·       Government boiler related qualifications or certifications;

·       Boiler or related equipment technical training completed;

·       Copies of certification that is applicable to the work experience;

·       Letter from the company worked for, confirming applicant’s employment and position worked;

·       Company web site information for evaluation of company.


Note:  The resume must cover the duties and responsibilities performed for a minimum period covering the last five (5) years of employment.  This resume will show duties and responsibilities of all the positions worked.

If the documentation of work experience appears acceptable, then the applicant may be requested to attend a 20 minute interview to confirm documentation evaluation.

If the work experience is accepted, and shows more than 10 years of progressive responsibility in a power plant, an applicant may be allowed to write progressively higher level power engineering examinations, without providing additional experience, but must start writing at the 4th Class examination.  If an applicant fails an examination, they will be able to complete the examination papers at that level but cannot proceed to a higher Class without meeting all of the regulation requirements.

To contact ABSA Examination and Certification Department at (780) 437-9100 for Edmonton area or outside Edmonton area at 1-888-454-3926 or email

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