Types of Information Bulletins

Section 14 of the Safety Codes Act makes provision for the Minister to appoint persons as Administrators and prescribe their powers and duties. For the Pressure Equipment Discipline, the Chief Inspector and Administrator uses Information Bulletins to provide safety and compliance information to ABSA’s stakeholders.

There are five (5) different types of Information Bulletins posted on ABSA’s website. They are:

  1. Alert
  2. Interpretation
  3. Notification (information)
  4. Variance
  5. Withdrawn

Alert is a safety warning issued to the public or a specific group of people involved with pressure equipment. Usually an incident or accident has happened. Lessons learned from incidents or accidents may be passed to the public through information bulletins as alerts.

For example:
IB14-013, Alert – Loss of Overpressure Protection for Fuel Gas Scrubbers

Interpretation is a clarification of certain sections of the regulations regarding pressure equipment. Interpretations may define the Administrator’s expectations where the regulations establish a requirement: satisfactory to, required by, acceptable to, provided by, requirements of, requirements established by, etc., the Administrator.

For example:
IB14-010 Rev.1, Interpretation – Permanent Tack Welds;
IB15-009 Quality Management Systems for Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management

Notification is information regarding pressure equipment safety for release to the public.

For example:
IB15-013, Fuel Gas Pressure Piping in Plants

Variance is issued by the Administrator when the Administrator is of the opinion that the conditions and terms stated in the variance provide equivalent or greater safety performance with respect to persons and property as that provided for by this Act.

For example:
IB15-010, Variance (VA15-010) to Pressure Tack Welder Examination Eligibility

Withdrawn is an information bulletin that is no longer current because it has been superseded, rescinded, withdrawn or replaced.

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