Environmental, Social and Governance Policy

ABSA is mindful that many of its business practices have environmental and societal impacts. As active participants with our industry, we strive to engage, collaborate with and influence others by working in ways that are sensitive to environmental, social, and governance matters.

ABSA conducts its business in ways that recognizes attitudes and behaviors within its sphere of influence to make a difference to near-term and future relevancy of our organization.

Environmental Stewardship – ABSA seeks to conduct its business in a way that minimizes the environmental footprint of those areas where we have impact, influence, and control. In the near term, ABSA will strive to create greater awareness of environmental best practices across the business. ABSA will adopt an environmental lens when developing new policies, standards and procedures and when revising existing policies, standards and procedures.

Social Responsibility – ABSA seeks to maintain a positive, respectful workplace, free from discrimination, harassment, and racism. We are honest, ethical and treat ourselves and others with fairness, dignity, and respect. We support individuals who champion mutual respect and who promote an environment of equality and inclusion. We value diversity of thought through the blending of unique perspectives within a team and encourage individuals to contribute their knowledge, experience and unique insights.

We strive to foster personal and professional growth for employees at all levels of the organization within our values-based professional work environment. ABSA values are embedded in all aspects of the business through safety, efficiency, sustainability, and ensuring the happiness of staff and customers.

ESG Governance – We view good governance as essential to achieving our Vision and Mission. ABSA strives to make sound decisions, take personal ownership of tasks, be accountable for our actions and deliver on our commitments.

It is important to us to work collaboratively with external parties, behave in ways that result in being well-regarded professionally, and being respected amongst customers, partners, peers, and the wider community in which we do business.

At ABSA, we care about our delegated authority, our customers, employees, peers and partners, the environment, the way we govern and conduct ourselves, and the difference we make individually and collectively. The implementation of our ESG Policy will strengthen ABSA’s progress with our industry and continue to pride ourselves in the way we do business and the outcomes we achieve.

Last Modified: 11/10/2022 2:11:16 PM