ABSA’s Mandate

ABSA’s mandate is to administer the Safety Codes Act and regulations and to deliver safety programs, as they relate to pressure equipment.

ABSA’s mandate is established by the Boilers Delegated Administration Regulation, and is fulfilled in accordance with the Administration Agreement between the Alberta Government and ABSA’s Board of Directors. Pressure equipment safety programs include:


  1. Certification of power engineers, pressure welders, in-service inspectors and welding examiners;
  2. Authorization of organizations, through quality management systems, to conduct permitted activities;
  3. Registration of designs and procedures;
  4. Annual registration of pressure equipment;
  5. Certification of pressure equipment during construction and when in-service;
  6. Accident or incident investigation; and
  7. Safety education.

Last Modified: 12/19/2022 10:05:42 AM