Welding Examiner In-Training

Application Form (AB-249)                                                 Reference Syllabus (AB-94)

Eye Report (AB-95)

A candidate shall apply to write the examination by submitting ABSA Application Form AB-249 and the corresponding application fee to ABSA at least 21 days before the examination date. ABSA provides a current examination schedule on line. For further information, please call ABSA’s Examination and Certification Department at (780) 437-9100, or call the toll free line at 1-877-433-8910, or email welding@absa.ca

Welding examiners in-training are only required to write paper 3.

The time allowed for completing each paper is three and a half (3.5) hours. To pass the examination, a candidate must also present a current and satisfactory Eye Examination Report (ABSA For AB-95) or equivalent) before receiving their Welding Examiner in Training Certificate of Competency.


Application Form (AB-77)

To apply for a duplicate certificate or PQ card, complete an ABSA Declaration Form AB-77 and submit the form and fee to ABSA.

A Welding Examiner in Training Certificate of Competency authorizes the holder to conduct performance qualification tests on behalf of a testing organization while employed by that testing organization, and while working under the direction of the holder of a Welding Examiner Certificated of Competency who is employed by the same testing organization.
The Welding Examiner in Training certificate has a three year expiry and in a non-renewable certificate.

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