Inspection Experience & Continuing Education

An Inspector is required to have a minimum of 15 weeks of inspection experience in the previous five (5) years when applying for re-certification.

ABSA has considered that in-service pressure equipment inspectors may work in a variety of fields and responsibilities and may not be working full time as in-service pressure equipment inspectors.

Activities such as shutdown inspections are acceptable. This allows operating staff to satisfy the inspection requirements if they work on pressure equipment inspection activities during a shutdown.

Developing and revising Quality Assurance manual and inspection program, evaluating corrosion mechanism, fitness for service, etc. are acceptable inspection activities.

The duties of Chief Inspector, or persons in similar capacity managing and directing pressure equipment inspection, are deemed acceptable for inspection activities.

In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors who are applying for certificate renewal are required to have their Chief Inspector sign for their inspection experience before they submit their application to ABSA, together with a work history covering the last 5 years. Contract inspectors are recommended to obtain the industry chief inspector’s signature immediately after the inspection contract is completed.

Continuing Education In Pressure Equipment

An Inspector is required to have a minimum of 80 hours of continuing education during the previous 5 years.

Continuing education is not confined to courses and training seminars offered by training providers. Continuing education includes attending pressure equipment related conferences, code update seminars and pressure equipment safety regulation seminars. Company in-house training, inspection meetings and providing pressure equipment training to workers are allowed up to a maximum of 12 hours out of the required 80 hours.

Continuing education are courses or seminars that advance knowledge and skills in pressure equipment. Data management and Inspection software courses or safety courses, such as confined space entry and H2S Alive, are not acceptable.

Last Modified: 5/12/2023 7:54:03 AM