Expired Certificates

In-service pressure equipment inspector certification is initially issued for a period of five (5) years. The certificate holder is responsible to ensure that the certificate is not allowed to lapse, as authorization to inspect lapses with the certificate. ABSA will send a reminder to each certificate holder at the last known address prior to expiry. If the certificate is expired for one year or less, the normal renewal process applies.

The renewal process includes:

  1. submitting a renewal application form AB-98,
  2. paying a renewal fee as indicated on the form,
  3. providing evidence of continuing pressure-equipment-related employment,
  4. providing evidence of continuing education such as attendance at industry conferences, seminars or relevant courses for re-certification, and
  5. successfully passing a re-certification examination.

If the certificate has been expired for over one year, steps 1 through 4 still apply but the applicant will be required to pay an examination fee and successfully challenge an Inspector Certification Examination.

The reinstated certificate will have an expiry date 5 years from the previous expiry date.

Last Modified: 3/21/2019 3:14:26 PM