Responsibilities In Alberta

A contractor is an individual or a company who constructs pressure piping, installs pressure equipment, or repairs or alters pressure equipment.

For the manufacture of boilers and pressure vessels, see the Manufacturer section.

The Safety Codes Act, Section 8, states that, “A contractor who undertakes construction, operation or maintenance of or builds or installs any thing to which this Act applies shall ensure that this Act is complied with.”

Under the Safety Codes Act, Section 1(h), a ‘”contractor” means a person or organization that does or undertakes to do, either for the person’s or organization’s own use or benefit or for that of another, whether or not for the purposes of gain, any process or activity to which this Act applies.’

Key responsibilities for contractors include:

    • Have a valid Alberta “Quality Program Certificate of Authorization,” issued by ABSA, for the scope of work.
    • Only perform work within the scope of the Certificate of Authorization.
    • Ensure that pressure equipment designs (drawings, specifications, and other required information) have been submitted to ABSA, and have been approved and registered by ABSA.
    • Ensure that any “owners inspector” functions required under the ASME piping codes are completed by the owner.
    • Ensure that construction, repair, or alteration is done to the registered design.
    • Ensure that all pressure equipment is inspected by an ABSA Safety Codes Officer and has a valid Certificate of Inspection permit, unless exempt under the Pressure Equipment Exemption Order or the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation. The permit must be issued by ABSA before the equipment may be put into pressure service in Alberta.


  • To determine if your pressure equipment is subject to the Act and regulations, consult the Safety Codes Act Flow Chart (AB-508).
  • To arrange for an inspection, contact the nearest ABSA office.
  • Ensure that the work is done in accordance with the applicable code of construction and regulations.
  • Ensure your welding procedures are registered with ABSA.
  • Ensure you are using ABSA-certified pressure welders and welding operators who have valid performance qualification cards issued in accordance with the Pressure Welders Regulation.
  • Ensure that ABSA is notified prior to any repairs or alterations, and ensure all required approvals and certifications have been completed.
  • Ensure that any required reports or certifications [such as Construction Data Report for Piping Systems (AB-83) and Completion of Construction Declaration (AB-81)] are properly completed and Certified, as required by the applicable construction codes and regulations.
  • Ensure that the Completion of Construction Declaration (AB-81) is provided to ABSA.

If importing a boiler or pressure vessel from outside Canada, ensure it has National Board registration.

Keeping Up To Date

It is important that contractors keep up-to-date with changes in regulatory requirements, codes, and changes in inspection requirements. This is particularly true in the management of a quality control program where code and regulatory changes could affect the application of that program.

Contractors should visit ABSA’s web site on a regular basis. Changes may be found in Alerts and Information Bulletins or The Pressure News.

Last Modified: 5/26/2021 2:10:14 PM