The primary quality objective of the New Construction program is to ensure that the construction, modification or repair of pressure equipment conforms to the requirements of the Safety Codes Act and regulations and adopted codes and standards.

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has accredited ABSA as an Authorized Inspection Agency (AIA). ABSA’s Authorized Inspectors (AI) are responsible for providing Code inspection services in full compliance with the AIA quality system and also responsible for monitoring the performance of the implementation of the quality systems of certificate of authorization holders who are performing Code work in their respective areas.

The scope of the new construction program includes:

  • Providing third-party Authorized Inspector services for ASME and Alberta Certificate of Authorization holders that are constructing, modifying or repairing pressure equipment at shop and field sites in accordance with the Safety Codes Act and regulations.
  • Conducting initial certification, renewal and interim audits of Quality Management Systems for organizations that have applied for Alberta certification or ASME certification.  ABSA participates with ASME in joint reviews of Alberta applicants for ASME certification.

This flow chart (AB-508) will help a person to determine if a pressurized item is subject to the Safety Codes Actand what requirements apply.

The following document is a review of ASME Section VIII, Division 1, Subsection C, Part UCS, Impact Testing Requirements prepared in Adobe Portable Document Format. It is best to use Adobe Acrobat Reader 5’s bookmark feature to view the document.


The principal objective of the in-service pressure equipment program is to prevent injury to people arising from the operation of pressure equipment. A secondary objective is to reduce the risk of property damage due to pressure equipment failure.

The scope of in-service pressure equipment program includes:

  • Initial and installation inspections
  • Periodic inspections
  • Inspection and verification of pressure equipment repairs and alterations
  • Verification of owners pressure equipment integrity management systems
  • AB-505 Risk Based Inspection Programs for Pressure Equipment
  • AB-506 Inspection and Servicing Requirements for Pressure Equipment
  • AB-507 Guidelines for the Inspection of Installed Fired Heaters
  • AB-512 Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Requirements
  • AB-513 Alberta Repair and Alteration Requirements
  • AB-515 Requirements for Inspection Companies
  • IB23-032 - In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency
  • AB-518 Pressure Piping Construction Requirements
  • AB-519 Alternative Test Methods Procedure Requirements
  • Reference Tool by AEUB interpreting Jurisdiction Relationships for Pipelines