FAQs – Welding

These Technical Questions and Responses have been collected by ABSA Design Survey and have value to prospective submitters for clarification on processes, general policies, and some specific scenarios for design submissions. The following Technical Questions and Responses are related to welding registration requirements.

1.Q1. If a non-code facility were to weld non-pressure attachments to an ASME Code-stamped pressure vessel that is in service, would that void the Code stamp?

1.R1. Welding by an uncertified facility on a vessel in service would not void the ASME Code stamp since the Code stamp is a new construction certification. However, in Alberta, it is not permitted for a facility or person who does not have a Certificate of Authorization Permit that covers welding on pressure equipment to do any welding on pressure equipment. Therefore, the welding by the uncertified facility would have violated the Safety Codes Act and the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR), section 11.

2.Q1. Our company is outside Alberta fabricating a vessel for use in Alberta, are we required to register our welding procedures with ABSA?

2.R1. No, from the PESR section 27, welding completed outside Alberta do not require the welding procedures to be submitted for registration. However the welding, brazing or other joining procedure must be approved by an organization acceptable to the Administrator.

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