Other Registrations

In addition to boiler, pressure vessel, pressure piping and fitting designs, and welding brazing and other joining procedure specifications, ABSA also registers the following procedures to ensure pressure equipment safety:

Piping pressure testing procedures other than normal hydrostatic testing

  • Since the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (AR 49/2006), Section 30 mandates that all piping must be hydrostatically tested, unless a specific alternative has been accepted by a Safety Codes Officer, all other methods of testing, including in-process examination in lieu of pressure testing, must be submitted to Design Survey for acceptance.
  • Submitted procedures must be job-specific and contain actual test pressures, not formulae such as: “test pressure is to be 1.1x design pressure”. Refer to AB-532 Design Registration Requirements for Application-Specific Pneumatic Test Procedures.

Last Modified: 4/19/2023 1:47:24 PM