Used Pressure Equipment Design Registration

In accordance with the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (PESR) section 14(1) and 14(2), pressure equipment; which includes used equipment, imported for use in Alberta must have the design of that pressure equipment registered by the Administrator or a safety codes officer.

It is always best to register the design of pressure equipment prior to construction, for further details see IB14-009. For the purpose of design registration, used pressure equipment means pressure equipment for which the fabrication has been completed and the Manufacturer Data Report (MDR) has been signed off prior to the design submitted to ABSA’s Design Survey for registration. The following information provides details of the design registration process.

This design registration process can be followed for two cases. The first case is where the used pressure equipment has been placed in service, and the second case is where the used pressure equipment has never been placed in service. The design registration process is similar for both cases, however one main difference between the two are the requirements for current condition assessment of the used pressure equipment, see Inspection Report Requirements in the Technical Requirements tab for further details.

It is strongly recommended that any person or organization considering buying used equipment for use in Alberta to familiarize with the Administrative and Technical Requirements, as presented below, prior to buying the equipment. Non-compliance with these requirements may result in refusing the used equipment design for registration, and the equipment will not be permitted to be placed in service in Alberta.

ABSA has developed an electronic submission process for pressure equipment design registration. For more information, click here.

The following documentation must be presented for a used equipment design registration:


  • One (1) completed Design Registration Application Form AB-31 and Form AB-31a for each separate design submitted to ABSA. Place these forms on top of the application package.
  • One (1) set of original fabrication drawings for each separate design application. Drawings that are 11” x 17” or larger must be folded to 8.5” x 11”;
  • One (1) set of Code calculations;
  • One (1) copy of the used equipment MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report). See “Technical Requirements” for details;
  • Photocopy of the equipment nameplate;
  • Copies of any certified repair and/or alteration forms, if applicable. The repair or alteration form may be a CSA B51 form for equipment repaired or altered in Canada or NBBI NB-23 “R” forms for equipment repaired or altered in Canada or outside Canada;
  • Photocopies of the equipment repair or alteration nameplates, if applicable;
  • One (1) copy of a recent inspection report of the equipment. See “Technical Requirements” for details;
  • Other NDE necessary due to past pressure equipment service, e.g.: complete MPI of all internal welds for vessels that have been in ammonia service; and
  • Proof of registration by another Canadian jurisdiction, if applicable. See “Technical Requirements” for details;
  • Mail applications to:
    Attn: Design Survey
    9410 20 Avenue
    Edmonton, AB T6N 0A4 Canada
  • At our discretion, we may return a copy of the registered design to you in PDF format via email, scanned at 300 dpi in black and white only. Click for more information.

The focus of the design registration review is to verify that the equipment design meets the requirements of the Act and Regulations. It is the submitter’s responsibility to ensure compliance with the applicable requirements.

  • Drawing Requirements
    • The submitted drawings must be as detailed as construction drawings issued to the manufacturing floor. This detail must be self explanatory such that no additional information is required from the designer or submitter and that it meets the Act, Regulations, and Code of Construction.
    • The submitted original fabrication drawing must be the same as the drawing and revision number indicated by the used equipment MDR (Manufacturer’s Data Report). It is not necessary that the original fabrication drawings be stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer unless the Code or the Safety Codes Officer requires such stamping. Manual changes to CAD drawings will generally be cause for rejection of the submission
    • If the original fabrication drawing cannot be provided then a new drawing produced per the actual equipment dimensions, configuration, nozzle locations, etc. and using the Manufacturer Data Report information may be acceptable provided that the drawing(s) are certified by a Professional Engineer, and all data on the drawing(s) can be verified by ABSA’s Authorized Inspector.
    • The design drawings shall show, but are not limited to:
      • The title of the applicable code of construction, including the relevant edition and addenda dates;
      • Design pressure and temperature.
        • Including MDMT, if applicable;
        • Heat exchanger mean metal temperature, if applicable;
      • Details of the arrangement and dimensions of all component parts.
        • Including the minimum thickness after forming for heads and other formed parts, as applicable;
      • Complete ASME specification numbers for all materials
        • Including grades and/or types;
      • Weld joint details
        • Including partial and fillet weld sizes;
      • Non-destructive examination details.
        • Including the amount or extent of the examination;
      • Welding procedure specification numbers;
      • Heat treatment holding time and temperature, if applicable;
      • Impact test status for the equipment must indicate the parts that had been tested (including the production coupon) or the applicable exemption paragraphs (base material and welding procedure);
      • Hydrostatic or pneumatic testing pressure;
      • Flange ratings;
      • Identification of any Code Cases or Interpretations applied to the design; and
      • Any report of any physical tests conducted for the purpose of establishing the working pressure of the pressure equipment or any part of it;
  • Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR) Requirements
    • The MDR shall be in compliance with the following requirements
      • For used equipment fabricated within Canada the MDR may be a CSA B51 or an ASME form. The ASME form does not require registration with the National Board.
      • For used equipment fabricated outside Canada an ASME MDR form must be used and registered with the National Board.
      • Non-compliant MDR’s can not be used as acceptable documentation for the used equipment design registration and the registration shall be refused.
  • Inspection Report Requirements
    • Inspection Reports must provide the complete information that will allow the Design Surveyor to evaluate the actual condition of the used equipment. This report shall include:
      • An internal and external visual inspection and its findings;
      • A UT Thickness survey that include the major equipment components, e.g.: shell and heads, and all nozzle neck of openings requiring reinforcement;
      • If the equipment was never placed in service since its fabrication and sign off, then an alternate to the above inspection requirements is for the used equipment owner to submit a statement confirming that the used equipment was never placed in service and the used equipment is in “As New” condition. The “As New” condition shall be verified by an ABSA’s SCO (Inspector) and the SCO may still require some additional inspection to be done prior to accepting the equipment.
      • The inspection report shall be certified by a Level II Technician in accordance with CAN/CGSB-48.9712/ISO 9712 or other standards acceptable to ABSA.
  • Proof of registration Report Requirements
    • Acceptable proof of registration by another Canadian jurisdiction is:
      • A copy of the Canadian jurisdiction acceptance letter indicating, at least, the accepted drawing and revision number, to be verified with the MDR;
      • A copy of the original registration drawing having the Canadian jurisdiction acceptance stamp with assigned CRN and surveyor’s signature; or
      • A copy of the MDR that shows the CRN.
  • The AB-31a provides a short list of items which may be applicable for your design application.


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