Electronic Submissions

ABSA prefers to receive design submissions electronically rather than requiring duplicate hard copies to be sent to our office. Acceptable electronic submission include designs of vessels, heat exchangers, boilers, fittings, pressure piping systems and weld procedures, with page size limited to 11” x 17”. This includes submissions of new designs, revisions, alterations, and repairs of these types of equipment. We also prefer to receive electronic submissions for national registration.

Although we’ve attempted to provide guidelines here, some submission types are not suited to electronic submission and this may be difficult to predict. We reserve the right to not accept certain documents or submissions electronically. If any of these guidelines are not followed, then the submission will not be accepted and will need to be re-sent in its entirety, either electronically or in duplicate hard copy.

Packages are to be sent via email to submissions@absa.ca. They are not to be sent directly to any Design Surveyor. Do not follow-up with a hard copy of the submission, except for an original AB-41 Statutory Declaration form which must be sent for fittings, as described below.

When your submission has been received, a ‘Confirmation of Design Registration Submission’ letter via email with a newly assigned tracking number. If you do not receive this confirmation within two full business days of sending an electronic submission, please contact us to ensure that the submission has been received.

Completed packages may be returned electronically via email (scanned in black and white), or in hard copy at ABSA’s discretion. If a package is sent via email and not accepted by the recipient’s email service (e.g., due to attached file size), we may assess a small fee for printing and sending it in hard copy.

New Submissions*:

Subject:     New Submission1: Drawing Number2 (n of N)3

1New Submission: Begin the subject line with the words, “New Submission.”
2Drawing Number: Follow immediately with the drawing or WPS number.
3(n of N): If multiple emails are required for a single submission, then number each email and indicate the total number of emails in the series. (e.g., “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, etc.).

*A “new submission” here includes a new submission for revision to an existing CRN, or a new submission for repair or alteration of existing equipment.


Subject:     Tracking Number1 Resubmission2 (n of N)3

1Tracking Number: Begin the subject line with existing tracking number (e.g., “2016-01035”).
2Resubmission: Follow immediately with the word, “Resubmission.”
3(n of N): If multiple emails are required for a single re-submission, then number each email and indicate the total number of emails in the series. (e.g., “1 of 3”, “2 of 3”, etc.).

  • For a new submission, an AB-31 Application Form must be included as a separate attachment and the file must be named simply, “AB-31.pdf” for easy identification by administrative staff. (An AB-31 Application Form need not be included for re-submissions, unless billing or contact information has changed and needs to be updated.)
  • Separate submissions must be sent in separate emails with all required documentation attached to each email.
  • All attachments must be in PDF format only, with no PDF security features enabled.
  • Files are to be directly attached to the email being sent, not combined into compressed folders (no ‘ZIP’ or ‘RAR’ files) and not combined into attached email messages:



  • Files must be included as an attachment to the email; web links are not acceptable.
  • Attached files for most submission types are to be separated by content type: a single file must contain only drawings, only a single fitting catalog, or only calculations (see next section for exception for weld procedure submissions).
  • For fitting submissions, please include a scanned copy of the filled out AB-41 Statutory Declaration Form in case we are able to review it before receiving the original.  As discussed above, an originally notarized hard copy must then be received before we can proceed with registration.
  • All pages, including drawings, must be easily readable without magnification when printed to 11” x 17” or smaller paper, in black and white.
  • Scanned pages should be scanned in black and white and preferably at 300 dpi. Pages should not be scanned in color or at a higher resolution unless absolutely necessary for clarity, in which case, the higher resolution should only be applied to those pages which need it. Higher resolutions and unnecessary color information can drastically increase the size of the file, making it difficult to work with.


  • Attach the AB-31 Application Form alone in a single PDF file, named simply “AB-31.pdf”.
  • Attach a scanned copy of your completed AB-41 Statutory Declaration Form alone in a single PDF file, named simply “AB-41.pdf”. Once you receive a confirmation letter with a tracking number on it, you will need to send the notarized original Statutory Declaration Form in hard copy to our office, with reference to the newly assigned tracking number.
    • It may be convenient to simply print the confirmation letter when you receive it, and send it along with the AB-41 Statutory Declaration Form.
  • If the fittings are being manufactured at a location outside of Alberta, provide a copy of your quality control certificate in a single PDF file named “QC Certificate.pdf”.
  • Provide one or more additional PDF files with drawings and/or catalogs, and separately provide one or more PDF files with supporting calculations, correspondence, reports, etc., as required to justify registration.
  • Special Note: A completed and submitted AB-41 Statutory Declaration form not signed by a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public will be accepted for registration while the COVID-19 measures are in effect.
  • Attach the AB-31 Application Form alone in a single PDF file.
  • Attach the rest of the submission in a single additional PDF file, entirely on letter size (8.5”x11”) pages, with documents arranged in the following order:
    • WPS
    • PQRs (and lab reports for each)
    • MTRs (only for unassigned materials)
  • Any pages of the above files which are scanned must be scanned in black and white, not in colour or grayscale, and scanned at a resolution of no less than 300 DPI and no more than 600 DPI.


Your feedback is welcome. If you are happy with this service, or if for some reason these requirements do not work for you, please contact us via email at submissions@absa.ca

Last Modified: 5/7/2020 2:35:20 PM