Responsibilities For Selling Or Renting In Alberta

The Alberta Safety Codes Act, Section 9(1) states that, “A person who is a vendor in the ordinary course of business, other than as an employee or an agent, shall not advertise, display or offer for sale, for lease or for other disposal, or sell, lease or otherwise dispose of, any thing to which this Act applies unless that thing complies with this Act.”

Key responsibilities for vendors who sell or rent pressure equipment in Alberta include:

  • Ensure that pressure equipment designs (drawings, specifications, and other required information) have been submitted to ABSA, and have been accepted and registered by ABSA.
  • Ensure that all pressure equipment (for sale or rental) is inspected by an ABSA Safety Codes Officer and has a valid Certificate of Inspection Permit, unless exempt under the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation, section 33. The permit must be issued by ABSA before the equipment may be put into pressure service in Alberta.To determine if your pressure equipment is subject to the Act and regulations, consult the Safety Codes Act Flow Chart (AB-508).To arrange for an inspection, contact the nearest ABSA office. Request an inspection at the vendors site, or advise ABSA of the location where the equipment is to be installed. If the location is unknown, the name and address of the installer is required.
  • Ensure that any required manufacturer’s data reports or certifications are properly completed and certified, as required by the applicable construction codes and regulations, and that these reports are provided to ABSA.
  • Ensure that ABSA is notified prior to any repairs or alterations, and ensure that all required approvals and certifications have been completed prior to returning the equipment to service.
  • If importing a boiler or pressure vessel from outside Canada, ensure it has National Board registration.
  • Notify ABSA upon change of ownership, relocation, or destruction of registered pressure equipment. Submit a Boiler and Pressure Vessel Status Report (form AB-10) which is available on our ABSA Forms page.
  • Forward the Certificate of Inspection Permit to the new owner.

ABSA recommends that vendors inform new owners of their responsibilities, which include arranging an installation inspection with ABSA and ensuring overpressure protection is installed as required by applicable codes.

Staying up to date is important for vendors. Check regularly for pertinent information issued by ABSA (posted on our Alerts and Information Bulletins page).

Last Modified: 2/22/2019 11:33:16 AM