In-Service Equipment

The principal objective of the in-service pressure equipment program is to prevent injury to people arising from the operation of pressure equipment. A secondary objective is to reduce the risk of property damage due to pressure equipment failure. The scope of in-service pressure equipment program includes:

  • Initial and installation inspections
  • Periodic inspections
  • Inspection and verification of pressure equipment repairs and alterations
  • Verification of owners’ pressure equipment integrity management systems

The flow chart (AB-508) will help a person to determine if a pressurized item is subject to the Safety Codes Act and what requirements apply.

  • AB-505 Risk Based Inspection Programs for Pressure Equipment
  • AB-506 Inspection and Servicing Requirements for Pressure Equipment
  • AB-507 Guidelines for the Inspection of Installed Fired Heaters
  • AB-512 Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Requirements
  • AB-513 Alberta Repair and Alteration Requirements
  • AB-515 Requirements for Inspection Companies
  • IB18-005 – In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency
  • AB-518 Pressure Piping Construction Requirements
  • AB-519 Alternative Test Methods Procedure Requirements
  • AB-522 Standard Pneumatic Test Procedure Requirements
  • AB-523 Procedure Guideline for the Replacement of Mechanically Assembled Piping Components
  • AB-524 Pressure Relief Devices Requirements
  • Reference Tool, Directive 007 issued by AER interpreting Jurisdiction Relationships for Pipelines

The City of Edmonton Drainage Services Branch recently issued a pamphlet titled: Pollution Prevention – For Operations Associated with Boiler Discharge and Maintenance. This pamphlet highlights the requirements for discharging wastewater (including complete blow-down) from boiler systems and the limits of pollutants allowed in the wastewater, as specified in Drainage Bylaw 16200. This pamphlet can be found on the City of Edmonton Drainage Services website. Please follow the link below for more information. Pollution Prevention for Operations Associated with Boiler Discharge and Maintenance

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