Purpose Of Fee

Registered as a not-for-profit organization, ABSA is self-supporting, financing its operations through fees paid by the pressure equipment industry and users of ABSA services. We are responsible to the Province of Alberta, our program deliveries are regularly audited by Alberta Municipal Affairs, and our Annual Report and Three-Year Business Plan are tabled in the Legislature. The fees for ABSA services are recommended by the Board of Directors, and approved by the Minister of Municipal Affairs (see Fee Schedule). The following is the purpose of fees in different program area:

Program Area Purpose of Fee
Design Survey Fees Companies designing pressure equipment must submit designs for review in order to demonstrate adherence to the code. The fees cover the cost of performing the design review. The fee for simple vessels is based upon the size of the vessel as there is a general correlation between vessel size and the length of time required to review vessel documentation. If the vessel design is more complicated than a shell and two heads with pipe nozzles or the submission does not clearly provide all the relevant information, the Design Surveyor may supplement the published fees by an amount based on the time required to assess the design. Such additional charges would be in accordance with the hourly rate specified in Section 4 of the Fee Schedule for Delegated Functions. Fees for review and registration of welding procedures and other joining procedures, are also specified.
Quality Programs The fees cover the verification of the implementation of Quality programs of companies who manufacture, construct, repair or operate pressure equipment, service pressure relief valves or test pressure welders. The fee is generally based on the hourly rate.
Shop Inspection Fees The fees for a shop visit cover the monitoring by shop inspectors of pressure equipment that is being manufactured in a shop. Generally, this fee is standard for each visit plus a completion fee based on the size of vessel. Generally, the larger the vessel, the more time is spent on inspection.
Initial and Installation Inspection Fees This fee is charged for the inspection of vessels when they have been installed at the place of operation. The charge is based on the hourly rate.
Special Inspection Fees This fee covers special circumstances not covered in other parts of the Fee Schedule. It is based upon the hourly rate.
Annual Fees This is an annual assessment on boilers and pressure vessels.Annual Fees are divided into two categories:Process Accounts are generally for equipment associated with industry operations such as agricultural, chemical, petrochemical, heavy oil, refining, oil & gas facilities, pulp & paper and cement as well as electrical utilities, mining and bulk storage of ammonia and propane. The annual fee will allow for site visits and monitoring by an ABSA inspector. All other inspection activities will be charged at an hourly rate.Non-Process Accounts are largely associated with public occupancy such as institutional, public assembly, residential and commercial applications and smaller industrial facilities.
Engineers Fees The fees relate to the certification and registration of Power Engineers. Fees charged for the writing of an exam are also specified.
Pressure Welders Fees The fees relate to the issuance of a Certificate of Competency for Welder B, Welder C, Machine Welding Operators and Welding Examiners. Special sitting fees for examinations administered by safety codes officers are also included.
In-Service Inspector Fees
The fees relate to the issuance of Certificate of Competency for In-Service Inspectors.


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