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The 2 day public Design Registration seminar is now available for registration:

DESIGN REGISTRATION Public Seminar – 2 Day Public SeminarDesign Registration Cover.indd

Did you know that nearly half of all design registration applications received  by ABSA are sent back because they lack the proper documentation?

This seminar will support individuals who wish to boost their knowledge and   understanding of the design registration process in the pressure equipment  discipline. The course will use presentations, examples and workshops to clarify  the design submission requirements for different types of pressure equipment.

Attendees of this seminar will be provided with helpful reference and study materials and benefit from many real-world exercises linked directly to the submission of designs.

Who Should Attend?

The course is intended for pressure equipment designers in manufacturing, EPC companies, pressure equipment specialists, those who organize and submit designs to ABSA for review and registration, owners or end-users of pressure equipment and those who want to learn more about the design registration process in Alberta.

Reduce the aggravations, delays and costs of resubmission.

Register now for the Design Registration seminar : ABSA Online Seminar Registration

Please visit our training schedule for more seminar details.


Last modified: December 14, 2017