Owner, Acts & Regulations

Act and Regulations Pertaining to Pressure Equipment

The Alberta Safety Codes Act, Section 5, states that “The owner of any thing, process or activity to which this Act applies shall ensure that it meets the requirements of this Act, that the thing is maintained as required by the regulations and that when the process or activity is undertaken it is done in a safe manner.”

To determine if your pressure equipment is subject to the Act and regulations, and for information on the requirements, consult the Safety Codes Act Flow Chart (AB-508).

The Safety Codes Act and regulations that pertain to pressure equipment (topics listed below) are available through the Acts, Regulations and Codes page or from the Alberta Queens Printer Web site.

Design Registration

  • Design registration for pressure equipment [Safety Codes Act, Section 6 and Section 40(2)].
  • Design registration [Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation, Section 14]
  • Repair and alteration [Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements  (AB-513)].


  • Employ certified personnel [Safety Codes Act, Sections 41/42].
  • Supervision of power plants [Power Engineers Regulation, Section 2].
  • Supervision of thermal liquid heating systems [Power Engineers Regulation, Section 3].
  • Supervision of heating plants [Power Engineers Regulation, Section 4].
  • Requirements for In-Service Inspectors [Information Bulletin IB13-009: DIRECTIVE – Certification of In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors]

Quality Programs

  • Quality Management System [Safety Codes Act, Section 39].
  • Quality programs (Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation*, Section 11)* referred to as “PESR” in the list below
  • Submit inspection program (PESR, section 12).

Inspection & Permits

  • Permit [Safety Codes Act, Section 43].
  • Accessibility for inspection [PESR, sections 8(b) & 8(c)].
  • Permit (PESR, section 33).
  • Retention of certificate of inspection permit (PESR, section 34).
  • Integrity assessment programs (PESR, section 41)


  • Accident notification [Safety Codes Act, Section 59].
  • Accident or unsafe condition reporting (PESRs, section 35).
  • Damaged boiler or pressure vessel repair (PESRs, section 40).


  • Pressure relief valves (PESR, section 38).
  • Securely anchored [PESR, section 8(d)].
  • Pressure relief devices [PESR, section 38; and “Inspection and Servicing
    Requirements” document (AB-506).

Change of ownership or location

  • Change of ownership or location (PESR, section 36).


  • Riveted longitudinal lap joint boiler or pressure vessel (PESR, section 45).


Last modified: August 23, 2015