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DateReference No.Description
2018-12-21IB18-022Requirements for Reduced Supervision in accordance with the PER
2018-12-21IB18-021Reference Syllabi for Power Engineer Examination
2018-12-18The Pressure News, Volume 23, Issue 4, December 2018
2018-12-14Standardized Special Steam-powered Traction Engine Operator’s Syllabus, Effective January 01, 2019
2018-10-31Grade “B” Pressure Welder’s and Tack Welder’s Certificate of Competency Wallet Cards
2018-11-20IB18-020Grade C Pressure Welder Certification
2018-09-27The Pressure News, Volume 23, Issue 3, September 2018
2018-09-042018 Code Update Agenda2018 Code Update Agenda
2018-08-31IB18-019IB18-019 Authority Having Jurisdiction for CSA B52
2018-08-29IB18-018IB18-018 Propane-Tank-Fire
2018-08-10IB18-017Design Registration and Inspection of CNG and Hydrogen Refuelling Station Piping
2018-07-26IB18-016Technical Safety BC releases Fernie Investigation Report
2018-07-25IB18-015Historical Boilers Requirements
2018-07-24IB18-010-R1Bolted Replacement Parts
2018-07-25New Alberta Power Engineering Employment Survey
2018-06-28IB18-014Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements
2018-07-05IB18-013Rescind and Reissue of Pressure Tack Welder Certificate of Competency Cards
2018-07-01New AB-240 Special Steam-powered Traction Engine Operator Examination Syllabus, Edition 2, Now Available
2018-06-27AB-535AB-535 Requirements for Alteration Design Registration based on Fitness for Service Assessments
2018-06-27IB18-012Interpretation – Registration of Pressure Equipment Alteration Design Based on Fitness for Service Assessment
2018-06-27The Pressure News, Volume 23, Issue 2, June 2018
2018-06-13IB18-011Power Engineering Courses Satisfactory to the Administrator
2018-05-23IB18-010Replaced by IB18-010-R
2018-05-23IB18-009Use of Welding Method 6
2018-05-15IB18-008Quality Plan for Design Submissions
2018-05-15AB-531Quality Plan Requirements for AB-OU PP Design Submissions
2018-05-15AB-530Quality Plan Requirements for PV Design Submissions
2018-05-01New AB-239 Fired Process Heater Operator, Edition 3
2018-04-30The Power Engineers Regulation has been amended effective April 30, 2018. For more information please refer to:
Amended Power Engineers Regulation - Effective April 30, 2018
2018-04-26IB18-007Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-021
2018-03-26The Pressure News, Volume 23, Issue 1, March 2018
2018-03-26IB18-006Design Registration of Components used in Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
2018-02-28IB18-005In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency
2018-02-23IB18-004PESR Section 35, Reporting Unsafe Conditions, Accidents and Fires
2018-02-23IB18-003Requirements for Engineered Pressure Enclosures
2018-02-23IB18-002ASME Code Case 2891 for Division 2 Class 1 Pressure Vessels
2018-01-30IB18-001Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-014
2018-01-30AB-513Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements, Edition 3
2017-12-21The Pressure News, Volume 22, Issue 4, December 2017
2017-12-18IB17-023Display of Certificates of Competency
2017-12-20Find a Safety Codes OfficerFind a Safety Codes Officer
2017-12-20AB-275General Requirements for Mechanical Refrigeration Systems
2017-12-20AB-273Design, Construction and Inspection of Compressed Natural Gas and Hydrogen Report
2017-11-17IB17-022Withdrawn - replaced by IB18-019
2017-11-17IB17-021Permanent Tack Welds
2017-11-15AB-250Tack Welder Syllabus, Edition 2, Rev.1
2017-10-30Online Registration for ABSA Seminars
2017-09-28IB17-020Boiler Rating
2017-09-19IB17-019Lessons Learned CSB Report 2016 Refinery Fire
2017-09-18IB17-018Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-007
2017-09-18The Pressure News, Volume 22, Issue 3, September 2017
2017-08-30AB-534Harmonized Requirements for Historical Boilers
2017-08-30IB17-017Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-015
2017-08-24IB17-016Quality Management Systems for Pressure Piping Construction
2017-08-24IB17-015Risk-Based Inspection Requirements for OU PEIM Systems
2017-07-24IB17-014Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-011
2017-07-10IB17-013Power Engineer Foreign Operating Experience
2017-07-07IB17-012 (VA17-004)Use of 2017 Edition of ASME BPV Code, Section VIII, Division 2
2017-07-07IB17-011Use of 2017 Edition of ASME BPV Code, Section I
2017-06-28IB17-010Notice of Deregistration
2017-06-19Design Survey Quality Plan Information Sessions
2017-05-30IB17-009Power Engineer Qualifying Experience
2017-05-30IB17-008Power Plant Not Exceeding 0.085 m3 Volume
2017-05-30IB17-007Combined Experience for Power Engineer Certification
2017-05-30IB17-006Heating Plant Supervision
2017-05-30IB17-005ASME CSD-1
2017-05-08AB-66b Application for College Practicum for Power Engineers Experience
2017-04-20IB17-004Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-008
2017-03-31The Pressure News, Volume 22, Issue 1, March 2017
2017-03-22Notice - Copies of Registered Designs May Be Returned Electronically
2017-03-08IB17-003Practical Examination for Renewal of Special Steam-powered Traction Engine Operators Certificate of Competency
2017-02-24AB-270 General Engineering Requirements for the Use of Engineered Pressure Enclosures
2017-02-24AB-270a Guide for Completing the General Engineering Requirements Form
2017-02-22IB16-003 Rev. 1Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-003
2017-03-17IB17-002 Rev. 1Quality Management Systems for Integrity Assessment Organizations
2017-01-01IB17-001Quality Management Systems for Pressure Relief Devices
2016-12-23The Pressure News, Volume 21, Issue 4, December 2016
2016-12-15IB16-020Power Engineers Regulation Equivalent Certificates
2016-12-13IB16-019Use of ISO 16528 in Alberta
2016-11-25IB16-018Concerns about Carbon Steels with Low Toughness Properties
2016-11-09IB16-015 Rev.1Operating Experience for Fired Process Heater Operator’s Certificate of Competency Candidates
2016-11-08IB16-017SUPERSEDED BY IB17-014
2016-11-08AB-533 Power Engineering Course Acceptance Criteria
2016-10-24AB-532 Design Registration Requirements for Application Specific Pneumatic Test Procedures
2016-10-06ABSA Board of Directors Position
2016-09-22The Pressure News, Volume 21, Issue 3, September 2016
2016-08-17CSB Safety Alert: Preventing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)
2016-10-25IB16-016Movement of Tanks Not Designed for Transportation or Delivery of Propane
2016-10-20IB16-015SUPERSEDED by IB16-015 Rev.1
2016-10-24IB16-014Requirements for Pneumatic Test Procedures
2016-08-17IB16-013Preventing High Temperature Hydrogen Attack (HTHA)
2016-07-14IB16-012Withdrawn – replaced by IB18-022
2016-07-13IB16-011 Rev.1Information Bulletins issued as Standata by Alberta Municipal Affairs Governing Gas and Pressure Equipment Safety
2016-07-07IB16-011SUPERSEDED by IB16-011 Rev.1
2016-06-21The Pressure News, Volume 21, Issue 2, June 2016
2016-06-17AB-31 Design Registration Application Revised
2016-06-03IB16-010Variance IB16-010 (VA16-002) Withdawn
2016-04-29IB16-009Reference Syllabus for Welding Examiner and Welding Examiner in Training
2016-04-29IB16-008SUPERSEDED BY IB17-018
2016-04-29Notice to Welding Examiners and Welding Examiners in Training
2016-04-29AB-94 Welding Examiner and Welding Examiner in Training Syllabus, Edition 2, Revision 0
2016-04-29AB-94 Welding Examiner and Welding Examiner in Training Syllabus, Edition 1, Revision 6
2016-04-28May 1st, 2016 Leadership Changes at ABSA
2016-04-20IB16-007Heating/Cooling Coils in Non-Code Storage Tanks
2016-04-20IB16-006Coils in Pressure Vessels
2016-04-12AB-260 Nomination Letter for the Quality Plan
2016-04-01IB16-005SUPERSEDED by IB17-004
2016-03-31IB15-008 Rev.2Use of ASME B31.1-2014 and B31.3-2014 in Alberta - PWHT Requirements
2016-03-15The Pressure News, Volume 21, Issue 1, March 2016
2016-03-10AB-54b - Revised Fourth Class Reference Syllabus
2016-02-12IB16-004SUPERSEDED by IB17-015
2016-02-05IB16-003SUPERSEDED by IB16-003 Rev.1
2016-01-12IB16-002Fatality Caused by Trying to Make Steam in a Portable Propane Bottle
2016-01-12Notice For Design Scope for Registration of Fittings
2016-01-12 AB-257 Design Scope for Registration of Fittings
2016-01-08IB16-001Overview of Amendments to Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (AR 49/2006)
2015-12-15 The Pressure News, Volume 20, Issue 4, December 2015
2015-11-10IB15-013SUPERSEDED by IB16-011 Rev.1
2015-11-10IB15-014SUPERSEDED by IB16-011
2015-09-30IB15-012Servicing of Pressure Relief Valves on Propane Storage Tanks
2015-09-29IB15-008 Rev.1SUPERSEDED by IB15-008-R2
2015-09-25 The Pressure News, Volume 20, Issue 3, September 2015
2015-09-08IB15-011IB15-011 (VA15-011) Withdrawn
2015-09-04IB15-010IB15-010 Variance (VA15-010) to Pressure Tack Welder Examination Eligibility
2015-08-062016 Seminar Schedule Now Available
2015-07-13 Revised AB-31 New checklists AB-31a and AB-31b
2015-06-26Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Requirements
2015-06-25IB15-009Quality Management Systems for Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management
2015-06-24The Pressure News, Volume 20 Issue 2, June 2015
2015-06-242015 ABSA Code Update Seminar
2015-06-16AB-25B Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet Fixed Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchanger
2015-06-16AB-252 Grade C Pressure Welder Reference Syllabus
2015-06-16Pollution Prevention for Operations Associated with Boilers Discharge and Maintenance Pamphlet
2015-06-16Changes to Power Engineering Certificate of Competency
2015-06-15IB15-007Expiry of Examination Papers Passed and Operating Experience Gained for Certification
2015-05-26IB15-006Interpretation of Section 6(d) of Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation - Use of Appendices 1-9 and 1-10 of ASME Section VIII division 1 in Alberta
2015-04-23IB10-006 Rev.3ABSA Requirements for Steam Pipelines
2015-04-23IB15-005 (VA15-006)Variance to provide options for renewing expired certificates
2015-04-14IB15-004Emergency Discharge of Refrigerants - CSA B52 Annex B
2015-03-20The Pressure News, Volume 20 Issue 1, March 2015
2015-03-20IB15-003SUPERSEDED by IB17-001
2015-01-21IB15-002Interpretation - Exemption for methanol injection tanks in section 2(1)(f)(iv) of the PEEO
2015-01-21IB15-001Variance VA12-006(IB12-010) Rescinded
2014-12-19IB14-015Alert - Performance Qualification Cards Stolen
2014-12-09IB14-014Interpretation - Acceptance of Initial Service Leak Test for Pressure Piping
2014-12-08IB14-013Alert - Loss of Overpressure Protection for Fuel Gas Scrubbers
2016-10-20IB14-012 Rev.1Integrity Assessment and Pressure Relief Valve Servicing Requirements for In-Service Pressure Equipment
2014-12-01IB14-012RESCINDED and REPLACED by IB14-012 Rev.1 - Integrity Assessment and Pressure Relief Valve Servicing Requirements for In-Service Pressure Equipment
2014-11-28IB14-011Alert - Falsified Welder Credentials
2014-10-21IB14-009Interpretation - Start of Construction Prior to Confirmation of Design Registration
2014-09-09IB14-008Use of an Electronic Log Book
2013-05-14IB13-005ASME B31.3 Pressure Testing Components in Pressure Piping System
2013-04-18IB13-004Alert - Fisher Safety Relief Valves Model H732 and H832

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