Alberta Certified In-service Inspectors Directory

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This online directory provides the information of an In-Service Inspector’s name, file number, type of certificate and certificate expiry date. The directory will be updated regularly.

If you employ an in-service inspector and would like to verify whether he/she has a valid and appropriate certificate, or you would simply like to check on your own certification status, you can search the directory.

Note that this directory contains only valid certifications. If a person has not renewed their certificate, that person will not be listed in the directory. If you have any questions about this directory, please contact ABSA Examinations at (780) 433-0281 ext. 3309.

Privacy Statement:

This service is provided for the pressure equipment industry to verify in-service inspectors certification.The information is not to be used for any commercial, marketing or fundraising purposes.

Last modified: June 15, 2017