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This online directory provides the information of a pressure welder’s name, file number (W), and Grade B Certificate of Competency issue date. The registry will be updated nightly.

The Grade B Certificate of Competency together with a valid performance qualification (PQ) card authorizes the holder to weld on pressure equipment, subject to the limitations prescribed in the Pressure Welders Regulation and described on the PQ card. Grade B Certificates of Competency are issued by ABSA. Performance qualification cards may be issued by ABSA or by an authorized testing organization. Grade B Certificates of Competency are permanent certificates that do not expire. Performance qualification cards expire on the date indicated on the PQ card.

Note, this directory contains only valid certificates. Some older certificates may not be recorded in the source database, but should be in the archival records. If you do not find the Grade B Certificate of Competency you are looking for, please contact ABSA by email , by toll free number at 1-877-433-8910 for outside the Edmonton area, or (780) 437-9100 for the Edmonton area.

Privacy Statement: This service is provided for the pressure equipment industry to verify Grade “B” pressure welders certificate of competency. The information is not to be used for any commercial, marketing or fundraising purposes.

Last modified: June 15, 2017