Pressure Piping Design

As defined in the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (AR 49/2006) section 1 (1)(aa), “pressure piping system” means pipe, tubes, conduits, fittings, gaskets, bolting and other components that make up a system for the conveyance of an expansible fluid under pressure and may also control of the flow of that fluid.

Note that a pressure piping system is all the pressure piping being installed on a project. Separate fluid systems, such as instrument air or process gas, are not treated as individual pressure piping systems.

When is registration of a pressure piping design required?

  1. Design registration is required when the owner of the design, or the fabricator, or the contractor, or the plant owner intends to construct in Alberta for use in Alberta a pressure piping system to contain an expansible fluid at a pressure in excess of 103 kPa and when that pressure piping system has an aggregate internal capacity of more than 0.5 cubic metre;
  2. Design registration is required when the owner of the design, or the fabricator, or the contractor, or the plant owner proposes to add or modify over 0.5 cubic meter of piping as described above to the existing plant.


  • For a new pressure piping system, or an addition or modification not exceeding 500 litres, the contractor still has to complete a Construction Data Report for Piping Systems, Form AB-83. The owner/user must retain the completed form in his file for at least 5 years; permanent retention is recommended. Upon completion of a pressure piping project, the contractor shall complete a Completion of Construction Declaration, Form AB-81, and submit the signed form to ABSA.Note: There may be some variation to this last requirement for Owner/User companies.
  • Skid units, even with piping volumes less than 500 litres in themselves, when they are a part of a pressure piping installation exceeding a total volume of 500 litres, shall be registered.
  • Refer to section 4(2) of the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (AR/2006) for a partial exemption for some piping – small bore, moderate temperature & pressure, specified fluid services.
  • ERCB’s Reference Tool for interpreting Jurisdictional Relationships for Pipeline, Pressure Equipment, and Pressure Piping.
  • Note: ABSA is not in a position to receive electronic submissions.

For detailed information regarding pressure piping registration, refer to the Submission Requirements for Registration of Pressure Piping Designs in Alberta.

Last modified: May 25, 2017