Boilers & Pressure Vessels

In part, the following amplifies the requirements in the Pressure Equipment Safety Regulation (AR49/2006).

Registration submissions shall include:

  • the design drawings in duplicate (folded);
  • one set of calculations;
  • proof of registration in another Canadian jurisdiction (if applicable);
  • a completed Design Registration Application form for each design

The drawings, specifications and other information must be submitted to Design Survey in duplicate and shall show:

  • the design pressure(s) and temperature(s) including the MDMT (if applicable);
  • Heat exchanger mean metal temperatures, if applicable.
  • details of the arrangement and dimensions of all component parts (including the specified minimum thickness after forming for formed heads);
  • the ASME material specification numbers for all materials, including grades, types etc.;
  • weld joint details including weld sizes;
  • the extent of Code-required and other non-destructive examination;
  • the welding procedure number(s);
  • applicable Code edition and Addenda;
  • heat treatment (holding temperature and holding time), if applicable;
  • impact testing (if applicable);
  • hydrostatic or pneumatic testing pressure;
  • flange ratings;
  • identification of any Code Cases or Interpretations intended to be applied to the design;
  • a report of any physical tests conducted for the purpose of establishing the working pressure of the boiler or pressure vessel or any part thereof;
  • and, such other information as the Design Surveyor may require to ascertain that the design is suitable for registration;

In short, the drawings must be complete enough that, without having to assume anything, one could use the submitted drawings and specifications to build the exact same item and have it meet the Code.

Note: At our discretion, we may return a copy of the registered design to you in PDF format via email, scanned at 300 dpi in black and white only.  Click for more information.


  • The drawings, specifications etc., must bear the signature of the owner of the design, or the person who will be the manufacturer of the boiler or pressure vessel.
  • It is not necessary that drawings be stamped by a Registered Professional Engineer unless the Code or the Design Surveyor requires such stamping.
  • If any revisions of the drawings are provided after the first submission, they will be assessed for evidence of proper design control. Manual changes to CAD drawings will generally be cause for rejection of the submission.
  • Any number of units may be made to one registered design, unless the Code or regulations change to invalidate the registered design or unless the registration limits the number of units that may be built to the design. Design registration is denoted by the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) or other registration number assigned to the design.
  • The fees depend on the size of the boiler, pressure vessel or heat exchanger, the complexity of the design and the time the Design Surveyor must spend in ascertaining that the design is suitable for registration. The fees are specified in Schedule A of the Fee Schedule. Charges for design registration will be invoiced once the designs are accepted. Fees will be charged for designs that are rejected.

Last modified: June 7, 2017