Certificate Renewal

The renewal requirement are to promote continuing education and keep current with latest inspection development and practices. We believe that it is important that persons involved in pressure equipment safety continue to keep current in both technical and legal requirements. We do expect, and the legislation requires, that owners ensure that their employees are competent. The renewal requirements reinforce the expectations to the inspectors and provide ABSA with some evidence that this is happening.

An In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate of Competency is issued for a period of five (5) years and is required to be renewed for continuous certification. A certificate of competency will no longer be valid if it is allowed to expire. If the certificate is not valid, it is ILLEGAL to inspect or certify pressure equipment in any capacity allowed by the certificate.

Alberta Certified In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Online Directory is available to check for valid inspector certification.

Re-certification Process

It is the responsibility of the certificate holder to renew his/her certificate for continued certification. ABSA will be sending reminder letters to certificate holders nine (9) weeks before the certificate expires.

The certificate holder should submit the completed renewal form, AB-098, together with the renewal fee stated on the form, at least 21 days before the certificate’s expiry date to initiate the renewal process.

Renewal Requirements

The three (3) key requirements for re-certification are:

  1. in-service pressure equipment inspection experience,
  2. continuing education in pressure equipment, and
  3. successfully passing a re-certification examination.

Last modified: March 1, 2018