In-Service Inspectors

Responsibilities and Authority
Keeping Up To Date
Inspectors Duties
Limits of Certification
Duplicate Certificate
Inspectors Certification

Program Overview

The objective of the certification program for In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors is to provide competency verification for persons engaged in the certification of in-service pressure equipment to acceptable Alberta standards.

This certification was introduced in 2002 by Directive IB02-002 – Certification of In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors.

The pressure equipment industry in Alberta identified a need to improve the system used to certify in-service inspectors. This program was developed to satisfy that need. Certification of in-service inspectors will help to enhance the high level of pressure equipment safety in Alberta.

A certificate of competency may be issued to a candidates who satisfies the certification requirements.

Responsibilities and Authority

“In-Service pressure equipment” refers to pressure equipment (as defined in the Safety Codes Act) for which all manufacturing requirements and certifications have been completed.

An In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector is a person who holds a valid ABSA “In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspectors Certificate of Competency” or an “In-Service Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors Certificate of Competency”.  The authority of an In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector is limited to the scope permitted under their ABSA certificate of competency and their employer’s ABSA-accepted Quality Program.

Keeping Up To Date

It is important for in-service pressure equipment inspectors to keep up-to-date regarding applicable codes and standards. The inspector should visit the ABSA website on a regular basis to review Alerts and Information Bulletins as well as The Pressure News articles. These contain information directly related to their duties, or may detail applicable changes in codes, standards, or inspection requirements.

Inspectors Duties

An In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors duties within the scope of their employer’s Integrity Management System (Owner-User) Program may include:

  • perform the duties of the person who is responsible for the owner’s integrity assessment program (person who meets the
  • qualifications of Chief Inspector)
  • supervise in-service pressure equipment inspectors
  • perform installation inspections of new or relocated pressure equipment
  • inspect and certify in-service pressure equipment
  • approve inspection reports, inspection procedures, and inspection and test plans, as specified in their employer’s Owner-User Program prepare and file detailed inspection reports for all pressure equipment, and submit summary inspection reports to ABSA in a timely fashion (the summary reports comprise the owner’s certification that the equipment is safe for operation for the period specified in the summary report)
  • inspect and certify pressure equipment repairs (Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements, AB-513)

Limits of Certification

To perform any functions related to boilers, the inspector must hold a valid In-Service Boiler and Pressure Vessel Certificate of Competency and work within the scope of an Owner-User Program

The scope of an in-service inspectors certificate does not specifically include pressure piping. Owners of pressure piping system are responsible for maintaining their pressure piping systems under the accepted Owner-User Program. This would include inspections by an inspector qualified in accordance with the Owner-User Program.

Duplicate Certificate

To replace a lost certificate, please use AB-74.

Inspectors Certification

Two distinct types of Inspectors certificates are issued by ABSA:

  • In-Service Pressure Vessel Inspector Certificate of Competency: this certificate is required to certify in-service pressure vessels.
  • In-Service Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspector Certificate of Competency: this certificate is required to certify in-service boilers and pressure vessels.

The holder of an appropriate certificate is only qualified to carry out certification if the work is performed within the scope of an Owner-User Program.

The certification process includes an evaluation of the candidates education, experience and third party certification. Prerequisites include certification by the Safety Codes Council, the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors or the American Petroleum Institute. Most candidates will also be required to pass an Inspector Certification Examination.

The Inspector Certification Examination will verify the candidate’s knowledge of Alberta pressure-equipment-related legislation and general knowledge about the codes and standards referenced in the legislation. The syllabus for the examination is available in AB-526.

Last modified: April 11, 2016