Pressure Welders FAQ’s

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1. How do I obtain a Grade B Certificate of Competency in Alberta?

There are 2 ways to obtain a Grade B Certification:

  1. Take an initial test in Alberta (See Syllabus AB-61) and submit an application to ABSA (Form AB-68), with copies of your Journeyman Welder or Interprovincial Red Seal, driver’s license and the current test fee.
  2. Transer your recognized pressure welder qualification from another Canadian jurisdiction (Form AB-129a). You must also provide copies of your Journeyman Welder or Interprovincial Red Seal, qualified ticket, driver’s license and the current transfer fee.

2. How do I obtain additional qualification? (i.e. small bore)

When you have a Grade B, you may go to an authorized testing organization, registered with ABSA, to obtain additional performance qualification.

3. Where are the retesting facilities in Alberta?

Go to our website, click on +Quality Management Systems, then click on Directory of QMS Certificate of Authorization Permit Holders (underlined in blue), use the drop down arrow and go to Authorized to: Retest Pressure Welder and Welding Machine Operators. There are 2 pages listed of retesting facilities in Alberta

4. Do I wait for my initial Pressure B to expire before I retest?

You may retest at any time, at an authorized testing organization, to obtain an updated performance qualification card.

5. My initial performance qualification card issued by ABSA is SMAW (F3/F4). How do I obtain a GTAW (F6/F4) performance qualification card?

You may go to an authorized testing organization to obtain further additional performance qualification card.

6. I have welding experience from abroad or from another province in Canada, how do I become a Journeyman welder in Alberta or an Interprovincial Red Seal in Alberta?

In Alberta, you can get your trade certification in Welding through the Apprenticeship and Industry Training. Go to, click on Trades and Occupations/List, Welder. For all offices in Alberta, click on Apprenticeship and Industry Training Office.


Last modified: August 21, 2015