Power Engineer Certification Transfer Examination

This examination ensures power engineers transferring into Alberta understand the Alberta Safety Codes Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations as well as the various policies concerning implementation established by the Administrator, all of which promotes safe operation of pressure equipment.

This examination is an online, open-book examination based on the Safety Codes Act and Pressure Equipment Regulations, policy documents established by the Administrator, and information about ABSA as the Delegated Administration Organization. Refer to the AB-269 Syllabus for details regarding these requirements.

The examination will be scheduled online, and the applicant will be contacted by e-mail with the login instruction for the website testing. Once registered, the applicant will have 30 days to log in and activate the account. If they do not activate their account within the 30 days of receiving the login instructions, the login will become invalid and they will have to re-apply to write the examination.

The applicant will be able to access their exam once they have activated their account. The time allowed for the examination is 3 hours within a 24 hour total time period. The 24 hour clock starts immediately once the exam’s “Start” button has been pressed. The applicant has 3 hours (within a 24 hour time period) to complete the exam. The applicant can sign out from the exam and sign back in multiple times within the 24 hour period. If they wait and re-start the examination too close to the 24 hour expiration time, the examination time will not be extended beyond the 24 hour limit. If the time expires before they have completed all the questions, the examination will be closed and the applicant will have to reapply for the examination. The applicant is required to complete the examination and they will be notified that they have been successful.

The examination consists of 50 multiple-choice questions and they are divided up into chapters. The candidate must be successful in completing the examination and the examination is designed for the applicant to repeat a chapter if they have several wrong answers. There is only one correct answer to each question.

The fee for writing the examination is included in the initial out-of-province transfer application fee.

Last modified: March 7, 2018