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Search Engine Features
This unique powerful search engine accepts up to 10 multiple keywords and key phrases for a search without using any Boolean operators such as AND, OR or NOT.

Advanced Search
To further narrow your search, you can search for documents posted or modified on or between certain dates that match your keywords or key phrases by including the Search by Date function on the Advanced Search page.

Search Categories
All documents are classified into six (6) categories. Selecting the appropriate categories for the search will filter out documents which belong to other categories. The six categories are:

  1. ABSA Forms
  2. Information Bulletins
  3. Pressure News
  4. Technical Information
  5. Certification
  6. General Information
For Effective Searches
Enter multiple keywords and key phrases, in any order or combination, that you know about the information you are looking for and select the appropriate category for the search.

For example if you are looking for an application form for the Third Class Power Engineer Certificate of Competency examination, enter keywords such as application form third class power engineer examination ABSA form and select the ABSA forms category.

To Search by Multiple Keywords
Enter keywords and separate each keyword by spaces. This will extend the search. Keywords that match part of the documents key phrases will be brought up.

For example: application form examination

To Search by Multiple Key Phrases
Enclose each key phrase in square brackets [ key phrase ] and separate key phrases by spaces. This will narrow down the search. Only documents which match the same key phrase will be brought up.

For example: [application form] [third class power engineer] [ABSA form]

To Search by Multiple Keywords and Key Phrases
Enter keywords and key phrases in any order or combination.

For example: [application form] [third class engineer] [ABSA form] examination

  1. Cases: You can enter keywords or key phrases in either upper or lower cases. The search engine is not case sensitive.
  2. Nouns: For nouns, enter nouns in singular form instead of plural form.
  3. Ignored Words: To speed up the searching process, words such as about, all, also, an and any are ignored by the search engine.

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Updated Feb 18, 2010

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