Records Management Program

The principal objective of the Records Management Program is to support all ABSA programs by maintaining accurate records of pressure equipment throughout its full life cycle. Records Management defines and provides a framework for managing the records and to establish accountabilities to ensure that ABSA:

  1. creates and captures authentic and reliable records,

  2. maintains security and preserves access to those records as long as they are required to support operations,

  3. destroys in a confidential manner records as soon as they are no longer required,

  4. meets legal record-keeping requirements, including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the Safety Codes Act and the Alberta Government’s Records Disposition Authority

  5. identifies and preserves securely those records deemed worthy of permanent preservation,

  6. protects vital records, which ABSA needs in order to function effectively,

Records include:

  • Design Registration – Design Drawings

  • New Construction Inspections – Manufacturer's Data Reports (MDR)

  • Initial, Installation & In-Service Inspections – Inspection Reports, Repair/Alteration Reports

  • Quality System Certification Programs – Quality Manuals, Audit Reports.

  • Certification of Power Engineers, Welding Examiners, Pressure Welders and In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspectors – Certificates, Answer Sheets.



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Updated Feb 18, 2010

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