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Table of Contents

Publications Order Forms
Design Registration Forms
Pressure Equipment Forms

  1. Request for Exemption or Variance
  2. Construction and Installation
  3. Repair and Alteration
  4. In-Service Inspection
  5. Operation
Workforce Certification Forms
  1. Power Engineer Certification
  2. Welding Examiner and Pressure Welder Certification
  3. In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certification
  4. National Board Commission Examination

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Form No. Format Description
Publications Order Forms
AB-171, 2007/04 AB171 Publications Order Form
Design Registration Forms                                             go to top
AB-31, 2015/07 AB31 Design Registration Application
AB-31a, 2015/07   AB31A, Minimum Required Information form the Submitter for Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers and Boilers
AB-31b, 2015/07   AB31B, Minimum Required Information for Pressure Piping System Submissions
AB-41, 2005/02 AB41 Statutory Declaration Form for Registration of Fittings
AB-41a, 2006/08   AB41a Guide For Completing Form AB-41
AB-96, 2013/03 AB96 General Engineering Requirements for Design & Construction of Pressure Piping Systems
AB-96a, 2013/03   AB96a Guide for Completing Form AB-96
AB-520, 2009/11   AB520 Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Requirements
AB-525, 2013/03   AB525 Overpressure Protection Requirements for Pressure Vessel and Pressure Piping
Pressure Equipment Forms
1.  Request for Exemption or Variance                          go to top
AB-85, 2008/05 AB85 Request for Exemption 103 kPa
AB-85a, 2010/03 AB-085a Request for Exemption (heating boilers)
AB-86, 2009/01 AB86 Request for Exemption for Non-Expansible Fluid Service
AB-140, 2013/01 AB140 Variance Application Form
2.  Construction and Installation                                   go to top
AB-08, 2008/01 AB08 Installation Report for Cast Iron Sectional Boilers
AB-24, 2015/06 AB24 Manufacturer's Data Report for Miniature Pressure Vessels
AB-25, 2015/06 AB25 Manufacturer's Data Report for Pressure Vessels
AB-25a, 2015/06 AB25A Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary Sheet
AB-25b, 2015/06 AB25B Manufacturer's Data Report Supplementary - Fixed Shell-And-Tube Heat Exchanger Sheet
AB-26, 2011/08 AB26 Manufacturer's Data Report for Boilers
AB-27, 2011/08 AB27 Manufacturer's Data Report for Watertube Boilers
AB-27b, 2012/02 AB27B Engineering Contractor Data Report for a Complete Boiler Unit
AB-28, 2011/08 AB28 Manufacturer's Data Report for Indirect Fired Heater Coils
AB-29, 2015/05 AB29 Registration of Quality Program Application
AB-29b, 2012/08 AB29b Multiple Shop Location Registration Form
AB-81, 2014/03 AB81 Completion of Construction Declaration
AB-82, 2014/03 AB82 Manufacturer's Data Report for Fired Process Heaters
AB-82b, 2014/03 AB82B Engineering Contractor Data Report for Fired Process Heaters
AB-83, 2011/09 AB83 Pressure Piping Construction and Test Data Report
AB-83a, 2011/09   AB83a Guide for Completing Form AB-83
AB-83F, 2013/07 AB83F Construction Data Report for Piping Systems Manufactured Outside Alberta
Note: All such piping must be inspected by a National Board commissioned inspector.
AB-83F SUP, 2013/10 AB-083F Const Data Report Piping Sys - Foreign (Supplemental Pages).doc
AB-83Fa, 2015/01   AB83Fa Guide for Completing Form AB-83F
AB-134, 2009/01 AB134 Request for Inspection Services Outside Normal Hours
AB-511, 1999/09   AB511 The Impact Testing Enigma
AB-518, 2015/01   AB518 Pressure Piping Construction Requirements Document
AB-518a     AB518a replaced by AB-029b
AB-518b, 2014/01 AB518b PP QMS Written Description Certification Checklist
AB-524, 2015/01   AB524 Pressure Relief Devices Requirements Document
AB-524a, 2015/05   AB524a Compliance Plan Form
AB-524b, 2014/01   AB524b PDR QMS Written Description Certification Checklist
3.  Repair and Alteration                                               go to top
AB-40, 2012/09 AB40 Boilers and Pressure Vessels Repair/Alteration Report
Note: File is Word 2002 compatible
AB-40a, 2012/09 AB40A Guide for Completing Form AB-40
AB-230, 2011/09    AB230 General Engineering Requirements for Boilers and Pressure Vessels Repair and Alteration Procedure
AB-230a, 2011/09      AB230a Guide for completing Form AB-230  
AB-523, 2013/09   AB523 Procedure Guideline for the Replacement of Mechanically Assembled Piping Components
4.  In-Service Inspection                                                go to top
AB-10, 2012/12 AB10 Boiler and Pressure Vessel Status Report
AB-10F, 2014/02 AB10F Boiler and Pressure Vessel Status Report - Public Works
AB-12, 2004/10 AB12 Pressure Vessel Inspection Report
AB-87, 2009/05

AB87 Pressure Vessel Condition Report
AB-134, 2013/01 AB134 Request for Inspection Services Outside Normal Hours
AB-134a, 2013/01


AB134a (Calgary) Request for Inspection Services Outside Normal Hours
AB-134b, 2013/01


AB134b (Red Deer) Request for Inspection Services Outside Normal Hours
AB-146, 2012/02


AB146 Inspection Company Client List Form
AB-147, 2012/06


AB147 Owners Integrity Management System Information Form
AB-505, 2005/08   AB505 Risk Based Inspection Programs for Pressure Equipment
AB-506, 2015/08   AB506 Inspection and Servicing Requirements for In-Service Pressure Equipment
AB-507, 1999/04   AB507 Guidelines for the Inspection of Installed Fired Heaters, Rev 2
AB-512, 2015/06   AB512 Owner-User Pressure Equipment Integrity Management Requirements
AB-512a, 2015/03 AB512a Owner-User PEIM Program Scope and Responsibilities
AB-512b, 2015/06   AB512b Integrity Management Requirements Checklist
AB-512c, 2015/08     AB512c PEIM Audit Workbook
AB-513, 2012/12   AB513 Pressure Equipment Repair and Alteration Requirements document 
AB-515, 2009/06   AB515 Requirements for Inspection Companies
AB-515a, 2012/06   AB515a Inspection Company Authorized Scope Form
AB-515b, 2015/04   AB515b Inspection Company QMS Manual Requirements Checklist
AB-519, 2014/01   AB519 Alternative Test Methods Procedure Requirements
AB-522, 2012/06   AB522 Standard Pneumatic Test Procedure Requirements
5.  Operation                                                                 go to top
AB-502, 2005/11 AB502 Guidelines For Care and Operation of Hot Water Heating Boilers
AB-503, 2002/05 AB503 Condensate Induced Water Hammer Safety Principle
Workforce Certification Forms
1.  Power Engineer Certification                                    go to top
AB-50, 2012/10   AB50 Syllabus for Re-instatement of Certificate of Competency
AB-51a, 2014/10   AB51A Revised 1st Class Power Engineers' Reference Syllabus
AB-52a, 2015/03   AB52A Revised 2nd Class Power Engineers' Reference Syllabus
AB-53, 2014/10   AB53 New 3rd Class Power Engineers' Reference Syllabus
AB-54, 2014/10   AB54 New 4th Class Power Engineers' Reference Syllabus
AB-54a, 2012/10   AB54A Syllabus for Upgrade from Old 4th to New 4th Class
AB-55, 2014/10   AB55 5th Class Power Engineers' Reference Syllabus
AB-55a, 2012/10   AB55A Syllabus for Upgrade from Fireman to 5th Class
AB-56, 2012/10   AB56 Special Oil-Well Reference Syllabus
AB-57, 2012/10   AB57 Special Boiler Operator Reference Syllabus
AB-58a, 2012/10   AB58A Syllabus for Upgrade from Building Operator A to New 4th Class
AB-62, 2012/10   AB62 Syllabus for Upgrade from Building Operator B to 5th Class
AB-66, 2015/04 AB66 Application for Engineer's/Operator's Examination
AB-67, 2013/01 AB67 Application for a Temporary Certificate of Competency
AB-67A, 2014/06 AB67A Chief Power Engineer - Authorizing Supervision
AB-73, 2014/09 AB73 Annual Renewal of Engineer's and Operator's Certificates
AB-74, 2014/09 AB74 Declaration, Application for Duplicate Certificate
AB-78, 2013/01 AB78 Application for Duplicate Special Boiler Operator Certificate
AB-111, 2013/01 AB111 Application for Duplicate Site Specific Certificate of Competency
AB-130, 2014/03 AB130 Out of Province - Application for Engineer's Certificate
AB-141, 2015/03 AB141 Application for Evaluation of Foreign Qualifications for Power Engineer Certification
AB-144, 2013/01 AB144 Application for Special Oilwell Examination
AB-233, 2013/01   AB233 Confirmation of Information Request
AB-239, 2014/07   AB239 Fired Process Heater Operator's Certificate of Competency Syllabus
AB-240, 2013/01   AB240 Special Steam-powered Traction Engine Operator's Syllabus
AB-242, 2015/03 AB242 Request for Exam Re-Mark
AB-528, 2015/03   AB528 Requirements for Reduced Supervision of Power Plants, Thermal Liquid Heating Systems and Heating Plants
2.  Welding Examiner and Pressure Welder Certification                 go to top
AB-61, 2015/05   AB61 Grade 'B' Pressure Welders' Reference Syllabus
AB-68, 2015/05 AB68 Application for and Report on Certification and Performance Qualification of a Pressure Welder
AB-69, 2014/10 AB69 Report on Certification and Performance Qualification of a Grade "C" Pressure Welder
AB-70, 2014/05 AB70 Application for Machine Welding Operator and Report on Certification and Performance Qualification
AB-72, 2013/01

AB72 Application for Welding Examiner Certification without Examination
AB-74, 2014/09 AB74 Declaration, Application for Duplicate Certificate
AB-76a, 2010/09 AB76A Welder Qualification Record (WQR)
AB-76b, 2010/09 AB76B Welding Operator Qualification Record (WOQR)
AB-77, 2013/01 AB77 Application - Declaration for Duplicate Certificates or PQ Card (Welders)
AB-80, 2015/04 AB80 Application for an Optional Grade "B" Wall Certificate
AB-91, 2015/04 AB91 Request for an Original Certificate (Welder)
AB-92, 2015/04 AB92 Application for Welding Examiner Certification Examination
AB-93, 2013/01 AB93 Application for Welder Examiner Certification Renewal
AB-94, 2015/07   AB94 Welding Examiner and Welding Examiner in Training Syllabus
AB-95, 2004/10 AB95 Eye Examination Report
AB-129, 2015/04 AB129 Out of Province - PQ Card Welders
AB-129a, 2013/01 AB129A Out of Province - Grade B Welders
AB-129b, 2013/01 AB129B Out of Province - Grade C Welders
AB-247, 2014/10 AB247 Application for Pressure Tack Welder Examination
AB-249, 2014/10 AB249 Application for Welding Examiner in Training Certification Examination
AB-250, 2014/10 AB250 Pressure Tack Welder Syllabus
AB-252, 2015/06 AB252 Grade "C" Pressure Welder Reference Syllabus
3.  In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certification
AB-74, 2009/01 AB74 Declaration, Application for Duplicate Certificate
AB-88, 2015/05 AB88 Application for In-service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certification
AB-98, 2014/03 AB98 Renewal of In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certificate
AB-526, 2014/10   AB526 In-Service Pressure Equipment Inspector Certification Requirements
AB-527, 2013/10 AB527 Guidelines for the Competence Assessment of Inspectors
4.  National Board Commission Examination                   go to top
AB-89, 2004/03 AB89 National Board Exam Application Form
AB-89a, 2009/01 AB89a National Board Endorsement Exam Application Form
Others                                                                            go to top
AB-97, 2013/01 AB97 Accident Report Form
AB-136, 2015/08 AB136 Seminar Registration Form
AB-139, 2006/04 AB139 Unsafe Condition Report Form
AB-171, 2012/09 AB171 Publications Order Form
AB-508, 2014/08   AB508 Safety Codes Act Flow Chart
AB-516, 2015/06   AB516 PESR User Guide

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Updated Aug 07, 2015

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