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Submission Requirements For Registration Of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Designs In Other Provinces Through ABSA

The Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) offers a one-window service to boiler and pressure vessel manufacturers wishing to register their designs in multiple Canadian provinces. The manufacturer makes one submission, deals with one agency for clarifying any outstanding details and receives two invoices, one for the ABSA registration and a second for all the other registrations.

The following documentation is required for ABSA to register your design and to apply for its registration in other provinces on your behalf:

Two copies of the design data on the items, (i.e. the drawings & specifications) and one copy of the calculation for each jurisdiction in which registration is required. Note: treat Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland, Yukon, NWT and Nunavut as one jurisdiction as these are processed by ACI Central Inc. Therefore, if registration is required across Canada, a total of 14 copies are required (i.e. two each for BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and ACIC.)

Note that for registration in Ontario, the drawings must be stamped and signed by an Ontario-registered Professional Engineer.
Note that P.Eng. stamping is required for submissions to ACI Central and Quebec jurisdictions.

Following a successful review for registration in Alberta, ABSA will submit this information plus proof of registration in Alberta to the respective jurisdictions for their registration and will pay the applicable registration fees on your behalf. Note that these registration fees vary by province, and by the scope of the registration, so it is not feasible to state the fees in advance. ABSA will, in turn, bill you for their own registration fee and the other registration bodies fees plus an administration fee of $560.26 + GST (regardless of how many jurisdictions you are applying to) plus courier and handling of charges of $48.00 + GST for each province for which you request registration. Where possible, ABSA will answer any questions that may arise from any other jurisdictions without your having to get involved.

Note that an additional fee may apply if the request to register in other jurisdictions is received after the Alberta registration has been completed.

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Updated Jan 01, 2013

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