Sending Feedback

We want to hear from you! Your feedback helps us to continuously upgrade the programs and services that we provide, and improve our customer support and satisfaction. From this page, you can:

Reporting A Web Site Problem

If you experience any problems with our Web site (e.g., cannot find information, missing files, errors, outdated information), please notify our webmaster at

Providing A Compliment

The most direct way to provide recognition for the efforts of an ABSA employee is to contact his or her manager or supervisor. See the Contact ABSA page to find the right person. You can give comments by telephone, letter, fax, or e-mail.

If you can't identify the appropriate person within ABSA, feel free to direct your compliment to our webmaster at

We will make sure the individual involved gets the praise that's due.

Resolving A Complaint

At ABSA, we believe in working with our stakeholders to implement pressure equipment safety programs. Occasionally, differences of opinion will occur with respect to ABSAs program implementation.

You can expect us to address your concerns in a timely, fair, and courteous manner. We want to resolve your issue and retain your confidence. Contact us in the manner that's most convenient for you by telephone, letter, fax, or e-mail.

In our experience, disputes are best resolved following this approach:

Step 1: Resolve Directly

For a concern regarding an interaction with an ABSA employee, the best place to start is to discuss it directly with that employee.

Step 2: Contact A Supervisor

If the employee is unable to resolve the issue, ask to speak with his or her supervisor or manager. You can also visit the Our Management Team page to determine who can help to resolve your problem.

Step 3: Contact Our General Manager Or Administrator/Chief Inspector

If your complaint has not been fully resolved to your satisfaction in Step 1 or Step 2, we encourage you to contact the appropriate person:

Step 4: Contact the Safety Codes Council for Appeals

Sections 49-57 of the Safety Codes Act explain the process regarding orders, reviews, and appeals.

You may contact the Safety Codes Council for a notice of appeal to the Administrator of Accreditation and Coordinator of Appeals of the Safety Codes Council.

  • E-mail:
  • Telephone: (780) 413-0099 for Edmonton area
  • Toll Free within Alberta 1-888-413-0099
  • Fax: (780) 424-5134 for Edmonton area
  • Fax Toll Free within Alberta 1-888-424-5134

Note: ABSA is responsible to the Government to administer Alberta's pressure equipment program under the Safety Codes Act.  The Government contact is:

Technical Advisor, Boilers and Pressure Vessels, at Safety Services, Alberta Municipal Affairs (AMA).

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Updated Jul 02, 2015

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